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Bamberg Germany

Situated in northern Bavaria, Bamberg is a medieval town in Germany with a deep-seated past reflected by its many historical buildings and structures. Sprawling over seven hills, this town's well-preserved heritage and architecture has earned it a spot in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Bamberg offers a number of places where you can explore its prestigious past. Start your day by visiting Bamberg Cathedral, a late Romanesque and early Gothic structure with four green towers dominating the town’s skyline. This cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Bamberg and also houses the tombs of Emperor Heinrich II and his wife. After you’ve admired the cathedral, head to Altes Rathaus, the Old Town Hall situated on an artificial island in the middle of the Regnitz River. You can also tour the porcelain museum located within the walls of this place when you’re here. Additional attractions in the area include Alte Hofhaltung – a cluster of buildings that was once the bishop's residence – along with the Museum of History and Saint Katherine's Chapel.

Bamberg is closest to Nuremberg Airport. After landing, you can catch a train, which takes a little over an hour to reach at this German town.


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