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Aveiro Portugal

Nicknamed the ‘Venice of Portugal’, Aveiro is famous for its picturesque canals and colourful boats. In fact, colour paints this entire Portuguese city, from the deep blues of the nearby ocean, to the bright art nouveau architecture lining its streets.

Aveiro is renowned for its art nouveau and art deco architecture. Visitors come from far and wide to check out the old town centre, a charming area filled with vibrantly coloured buildings and intricate decorations. You can easily wander through the streets on your own self-guided architecture tour, just don't miss the Museu de Arte Nova for an in-depth look at Aveiro’s defining characteristic. Many buildings celebrate Portugal's religious history too, such as the 15th-century Aveiro Cathedral. At night, you'll be able to admire its heavenly-white stone contrasted against the Portuguese night sky.

Located just a little inland, Aveiro is the perfect base to explore world-famous Portuguese beaches. If you have time, you can catch the bus to Barra and Costa Nova, two beach towns easily accessible for a day-trip. They’re excellent spots to enjoy sunbathing and swimming and are known for serving fresh seafood dishes too.


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