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Augsburg Germany

Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany and the third largest city in Bavaria. A spectacular metropolis with colourful red-roofed buildings and cobblestone streets, this metropolis is a seat of history, culture, education and sports.

Augsburg Cathedral, with its bronze door and five stained-glass windows, is one of the oldest and most famous places in the city. The landmark spot of Perlach Tower serves as a watchtower today and offers panoramic views of the city. A walk down the streets of Fuggerei should definitely be a part of your Augsburg trip. The oldest social housing project with 52 ivy-clad houses, Fuggerei still has residents who abide by the rules set around 500 years ago. Sneak a peek into the lavish art collections of the 18th-century society in Schaezlerpalais, the former home of a banker. The interiors feature grand chandeliers, ceiling frescoes and huge ballrooms. This place houses paintings by Johann Heinrich Schönfeld, Canaletto and Albrecht Dürer, among others. You can stop for a short visit at Augsburg Botanical Garden to view its Japanese garden, rose garden and medicinal plant garden.

You can reach Augsburg from Munich Airport via train in about two hours. With a journey time of about an hour from Munich's Hauptbahnhof to Augsburg Central Station, trains are the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation.



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