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Arraial do Cabo
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Arraial do Cabo Brazil

Arraial do Cabo is a coastal town in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1503, this quaint seaside destination has become one of Brazil’s best-kept secrets, offering breathtaking beaches without the bustling crowds. If all you need for a holiday is a little peace and scenes of gorgeous landscapes, Arraial do Cabo will suit you just fine.

As soon as you can, head out to Arraial do Cabo’s beaches. The best is Praia do Pontal do Atalaia, a stretch of heavenly-white sand and sapphire-blue waters that's sure to make your jaw drop. Unwind on the beach and take in the views of this pristine seascape, complete with deep-green mountains in the background.

There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained in Arraial do Cabo, and many of them feature its stunning nature. The scuba diving options here rank among Brazil’s finest, while boat tours offer the best way to admire the coastline’s natural beauty. If you have time, take a day-trip to Ilha de Cabo Frio, an island just off the mainland. It features secluded beaches, a coastal cave and trails that lead up to the island’s highest point, where you can enjoy sweeping panoramic views.



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