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Amiens France

Situated in Northern France, Amiens is home to medieval architecture that has stood the test of time. The city’s UNESCO-listed Amiens Cathedral is the largest in France and offers views over the River Somme. Other architectural delights include the Musée de Picardie, where you’ll find 14th-century paintings, and the Perret skyscraper – a symbol of the city’s post-war modernist aesthetic.

The picturesque streets of Saint-Leu can be found a few steps from Amiens’ cathedral. Here, you’ll find restaurants, boutiques and canals definitive of the city’s nickname, the ‘Venice of the North’. Enjoy some natural surroundings at the Hortillonnages – a 65-kilometre network of canals and floating gardens that have been tended since the Middle Ages. Alternatively, head to the Amiens Cemetery to appreciate the ornate mausoleums of famous industrialists, as well as the writer Jules Verne, whose former home is also in the city.

Outside of Amiens, you’ll find the picturesque beauty of Northern France’s countryside. The region is best explored by cycling into the Noye Valley to visit landmarks like the Caves of Naours and villages like La Faloirse, Chirmont, Sourdon and the medieval ruins of Folleville. River cruises are also available from Amiens along the Somme, where you’ll be able to embark on a historical adventure and learn about the river’s complex history.


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