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Amalfi Italy

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is known for its sandy beaches and dramatic cliff faces, while its most famous beach is the Marina Granda, renowned for its pleasant atmosphere on the shores of the Mediterranean. If you’re looking for something quieter, the secret coves of Duoglio and Santa Croce are accessible by a century-old staircase, leading to a pebbled inlet and crystalline waters suitable for snorkeling and kayaking.

Naturally, you’ll find some of Italy’s best cuisine in Amalfi with restaurants specialising in fresh seafood dishes. For something slightly more exclusive, book a table at Zeffiro Sereno – a restaurant only accessible by boat. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a unique experience while enjoying specialities like clam spaghetti. Many of Amalfi’s restaurants offer sublime views of the coast, while deeper into the city, you’ll find the Trattoria dei Cartari and Agricola Fore Porta. Alternatively, take part in an authentic cooking class to leave the city with a souvenir that will last a lifetime.

Situated in Campagnia, Amalfi’s inlets and coves have been a popular tourist destination since the arrival of British aristocrats in the 1920s. During the ninth century, the region was an important trading port between Sardinia for the Byzantine Empire, however much of Amalfi’s maritime trade was destroyed following a freak tsunami. Since then, the town gained a reputation for its prestigious schools of mathematics and law, while today remains a favoured holiday destination and UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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