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Albuquerque USA

Located in the New Mexico desert, Albuquerque offers a blend of urban treats and natural scenes. Here in the state’s largest city, visitors can learn firsthand about Indian Pueblo culture, and discover the stunning Sandie Mountains and surrounding nature on the horizon.

You can learn all about Albuquerque’s story at a variety of museums and cultural centres. The Albuquerque Museum is a must-see and features an engaging history gallery, as well as an extensive art collection that celebrates the artists living in or influenced by New Mexico. Another essential visit is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre. The museum holds fascinating displays of the Pueblos’ history and their contemporary art, while the building regularly hosts dances and crafts demonstrations.

Albuquerque’s stunning landscapes have a lot to offer outdoor lovers. Be sure to check out the Petroglyph National Monument just outside the city, where you can spot designs and symbols on volcanic rocks carved by Native Americans and Spanish settlers over 400 years ago. You can also explore the sprawling ABQ Biopark Botanic Garden, which showcases gorgeous gardens designed to delight your senses. The Mediterranean and Desert Conservatories are highlights, as well as the immersive Butterflies and Bees exhibition, which features some of New Mexico's native pollinators.



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