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Adelaide Australia

Adelaide, South Australia's capital city, is a dynamic cosmopolitan with an exemplary mixture of old world charm and contemporary comforts. This beachside city has top-notch architecture, an excellent collection of wine and a distinct art scene that’s celebrated each year with pomp and show.

If you wish to learn about the history of Adelaide, then definitely try to stop at its museums. The South Australian Maritime Museum traces the naval history of the region and recounts the journey of navigators and seafarers. You'll also find exhibits that provide insights into marine life as well. Ayers House Museum is a fine model of Regency architecture in Adelaide. Previously home to the Ayers family, this building displays the opulence and luxury of 19th-century society. The South Australian Museum will give you a chance to delve deep into the cultures that were already in place before the Europeans came to this continent.

Adelaide is a pioneer in horticulture and its Botanic Garden is an outstanding example of that. Designed to accommodate various species of plants and trees, this garden space has peaceful walking trails, conservatories and glass houses. The Bicentennial Conservatory is located inside the Botanic Gardens and is home to a large number of tropical plants and flowers. Rare and endangered varieties from Northern Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia are on display here, including the Corpse Flower that smells like rotten flesh when in bloom.



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