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Aberdeen UK

Filled with green fields, emerald-blue waters and ancient castles, the Scottish city of Aberdeen is a tapestry of culture, old-world charm and natural beauty. Located in the north-eastern side of Scotland, Aberdeen is also known as 'Granite City' for its grey-stone buildings.

From educational institutions and galleries to museums and castles, the rich cultural history of Scotland is preserved well in Aberdeen. The country's oldest bridge, Brig o'Balgownie, was built in the 14th century and features in Lord Byron's poem Don Juan. The Tolbooth Museum is an interesting visit if you're willing to know more about ancient rules and punishments of the town. After touring the museum, take a walk to the mercat cross of Aberdeen – a spot that acted as a gathering place for inhabitants to hear public announcements in the past. For a quick royal experience, head to Balmoral Castle – the summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II – located about 1.5 hours away from Aberdeen.

The simplest way to reach Aberdeen is by flight. For travellers from the UK and Europe, Aberdeen Airport offers multiple flights in and out of the city. Inverness Airport and Edinburgh Airport are more suited for travellers from other continents as they offer more international connections. You may also opt for railway services if you're travelling from other parts of Scotland, England or Wales. If you're looking to save more during your Aberdeen trip, try the city’s bus services.



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