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Aarhus Denmark

A Viking-founded city resting along the eastern shore of Jutland, Aarhus opens itself up to history buffs and nature lovers. Home to one of the largest universities in Scandinavia, the city buzzes with young energy and student-filled cafes.

As one of the oldest cities in Denmark, Aarhus’ cityscape is a visual feast of different architectural styles. Take a walk along the winding roads of Midtbyen or saunter down the streets of Volden and Graven that were used to defend the early Viking settlement. You can also explore the 305-feet-tall Aarhus Cathedral built in Romanesque style or admire the Art Nouveau elements at Aarhus Theatre.

The city hosts year-round cultural festivals, attracting artists, musicians and merrymakers from all over the world. You can time your visit around one of the city’s key festivals, such as Aarhus Festuge or the vibrant Aarhus Pride. To browse through an art collection from the Danish Golden Age to the modern times, visit ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum. You can also take a look at exhibits from various eras of Danish history at the open-air Moesgaard Museum.

You can engage in plenty of activities in the lap of nature when travelling to Aarhus. Enjoy a picnic to Riis Skov, a forest and park overlooking the Bay of Aarhus, or spend some time relaxing at the Den Permanente beach situated close by. For a good mix of hilly terrains and beach views, head to the Marselisborg Forest, a 1400-acre expanse that lends itself to mountain bikers, hikers and campers.


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