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Aachen Germany

Aachen is a hidden German gem nestled on the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands. Here in Aachen, you can bathe like the Romans once did in the city’s famous geothermal hot springs, and admire some of the oldest religious monuments in Europe.

A trip to Aachen is like a journey back in time. The Aachen Cathedral, built by Emperor Charlemagne around 800 CE and known as one of Europe’s oldest cathedrals, is an absolute must-see. Highlights inside include the stunning Barbarossa chandelier and Throne of Charlemagne. Next door, history buffs can discover one of the world’s most valuable collections of medieval church artefacts at the Aachen Cathedral Treasury. It boasts more than 100 works of art, including a 14th-century metalwork masterpiece, the Bust of Charlemagne.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Aachen. Treat yourself to an indulgent thermal spa at Carolus Thermen and watch mineral waters – first enjoyed by the Romans – cascade down garden steps into an outdoor pool. Another nod to the city’s Roman heritage is the Elisenbrunnen, a neoclassical hall covering a famous fountain. The gorgeous architecture is worth the visit alone, while the water itself is said to have healing powers. Afterwards, be sure to sample Printen, Aachen’s signature sweet cakes that taste a little like spiced gingerbread.



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